HD-QUAD® A3 Mini High Gain HDTV Indoor Antenna

HD-QUAD A3 Mini is the most powerful indoor antenna on the market, bringing the power of roof-top high-gain phased array digital HDTV antenna indoors.

Setting a new standard for digital high definition indoor TV antenna, the Next Generation A3 sized ultra wideband HD-QUAD Mini is so thin and clear, it can be placed practically anywhere, on an interior window, behind curtains and blinds, on a wall or behind a picture.

Digital Cliff

Ideal for urban areas, the HD-QUAD UHF digital TV antenna is well suited for use anywhere Free-To-Air digital TV is available. Due to the all-or-nothing nature of digital TV reception, a signal threshold phenomenon known as the digital cliff, combined with the relatively low power of UHF TV transmitters, means that a high gain antenna is most often required to receive pixelation-free digital 1080p high-definition HDTV pictures.

High Performance

HD-QUAD A3 Mini is a 2x element, full sized, bowtie, dual stacked, phased array antenna. Made with highly conductive SILVER elements for maximum signal transfer, HD-QUAD has more than 2x the raw decibel (dB) gain of any other indoor flat panel antenna. This doubling of gain is achieved by ‘stacking’ two bowtie antenna elements, one above the other, and connecting them together with a precision designed, low loss, high impedance feedline. HD-QUAD indoor digital TV antenna is manufactured using state-of-the-art printed electronics technology allowing precision tuning of both the frequency bandwidth and output impedance to eliminate impedance mismatches and phase cancellation losses to deliver up to 98% of the signal to the digital tuner.

No Ladder Required

Save yourself hundreds of dollars on roof antenna installation. No ladder scaling or assembly required for installation. Simply attach the HD-QUAD indoor aerial to a window or wall with the 4x 3M adhesive patches, plug in a patch cable (Any standard PAL Male to Male 75 Ohm TV Coaxial Cable of suitable length) to connect your new HD-QUAD Mini to the your TV set, perform a channel scan and you’ll be watching free-to-air 1080p HDTV within minutes.

Lifetime Warranty

Every HD-QUAD Mini Digital HDTV Antenna comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.



Key Specifications

  • International UHF DVB-T Broadcast Band IV/V
  • 506 to 816.5 MHz
  • UHF Channels: 25-69
  • Maximum gain: 7 dBi
  • Includes 75 ohm Balun
  • Horizontal or vertical polarisation
  • Measures 420 mm x 297 mm (A3 paper size) 16.5″ x 11.7″

Required: 75ohm Plug to Plug TV Coaxial Cable of suitable length (sold separately)

Set-up guide: How to Set Up an Indoor TV Antenna in 3 steps

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